Why Drama is the best communication and educational tool.

The Dynamo creative Arts LTD team on the EACOP Project perform a scene from Scovia Nnasamba's 'the Investor' play in the oil region.

You need to first of all understand why drama beats the usual P.R approach

The point of using the theatre or drama for communication and educational, is as straight forward as eating food to live. Communication is taken for granted nowadays and we think we know how to listen, but truth is, we are terrible listeners. Which means we mostly perceive communication, as waiting for our turn to speak, and in the meantime we don’t really pay attention to some behavioral aspects that sometimes reveal more about a person than their words.

When trying to communicate a concept or defend an agenda before a community, most of the times, each person in the audience will be waiting for their turn to ask questions or retaliate. This will hinder their ability to listen as they will switch off from listening when they hear want they want. For many other people however, they will get bored because of things like; a speakers accent, poor body gestures, poor choice of words, complicated vocabulary, not liking the speaker, and wardrobe or fashion choice among other things.

This explains why most public relations campaigns have to be done over and over again, most times not achieving the ultimate goal. The target audience might have switched off or just not understood what was being communicated at the time. This will cost an organization money, time and many other resources, not to mention the risks that are involved in moving back and forth just to hit the KPI’s

This is where Theatre; Drama, Music and Dance comes in.

People are faced with challenges on the daily, challenges that if not solved, nothing we say or do will get enough attention. However, if we entertain them, they will swiftly and for the moment forget their trouble and enjoy the entertainment.

Drama is designed to entertain as other goals are achieved, which may include educating, creating awareness, mobilizing for a cause, or simply informing on an issue. How plays and performances are designed, especially at Dynamo creative Arts LTD, no person in an audience will get bored or destructed by something in their environment or everyday life. The plays we create and perform will make people forget everything but what is happening on the stage and in the process we shall achieve the goals that our employer or patron set out to achieve.

We have been able to do this for during many of our campaigns for example during the EACOP project where Scovia Nnansamba’s play “The Investor” was performed for more than 171 villages in 3 languages in the oil region of Uganda. The play helped calm down hostile communities and got them to understand some very hard concepts in the very basic of ways.

The Dynamo creative Arts LTD team on the EACOP Project perform a scene from Scovia Nnasamba's 'the Investor' play in Sembabule
Keith Muganza, Edwin Ssekatawa and Asia Namutebi perform Scovia Nnasamba’s ‘the Investor’ play for an audience Masaka during the EACOP project

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