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The Literature play show

Okonkwo and his three wives; a scene from Arthur Kisenyi's stage adaptation of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

The literature plays program was created to enable students who offer literature to enjoy the stories they study in class, to visualize the plays and novels they read in class, and to pass with flying colors when the final exams come.

Since we started, more than 100,000 students have watched us perform the plays they read and bring to life the characters they love, admire, or loath.
We continue to work with schools, private sponsors, authors, organizations, and publishers to make sure that literature is not only a subject but a way of life.

Our Next Performances

What else happens at our shows;

This is an educative event and as such we have senior teachers available to discuss with students after each play performance. The discussions are hinged around what students should focus on(academically) while they read, interpret and understand texts.  The teachers also discuss examinable areas and question approaches. They also discuss the complex themes, ideas, and other aspects of the texts.

We are all out of shows this year. Kindly check back soon for 2023 dates.

Please remember;

It is very important for you to book with us and provide the number of students you intend to bring for the show, which plays they will watch, and if you have any special needs students.

People with disabilities

People with disabilities are catered for at our shows but we task the teachers to make sure that we are informed about them and how many they are so we can make the proper arragements.

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