“IN CONTROL Reloaded” play by Tunde Euba

INCONTROL Reloaded follows a young girl ‘Miracle’ who struggles like many Asthmatic children to live a normal life playing her favorite sport football without being treated like a very sick child because of her condition. Miracle has to convince her dad that she can play and not get asthmatic attacks, while also convincing her mother to not tell her coach and teammates about her condition. Without knowing that her close friend Maria also has Asthma, Miracle tries to hide the fact until she gets an attack and Maria is available to save her life.

INCONTROL Reloaded was performed for a young and adult audience in 2021 at Sharing youth centre and for 5 secondary schools

INCONTROL Reloaded was Directed by Arthur Kisenyi, Assistant Director Scovia Nnansamba, Production Manager Kato Lauben and starred Pamela Winfred, Carol Namawejje, Edwin Ssekatawa, Edward Mabirizi, Nambooze Gloria, and Elizabeth Tumuhairwe.

Part of the Acacia research Project by the Makerere University Lung Institute; IN CONTROL Reloaded by Tunde Euba comes on the heels of another also entitled IN CONTROL which brings the addendum Reloaded. This play has been performed in the UK and several African countries including Malawi and Nigeria. The author who is Nigerian wrote it with a bias of the Nigerian culture but some bits were changed by Director Arthur Kisenyi during the rehearsals with permission from the author.

INCONTROL Reloaded addresses the knowledge gap we have in society about Asthma. Many people in Uganda for example still believe that Asthma is a rich people’s disease yet it can affect anyone, rich or poor. Many still don’t know that Asthma is not witchcraft and that it can be managed medically and not expensively.

The Investor Play

The EACOP is a 1,443km, heated, and buried crude oil pipeline that will start from Kabaale, Hoima in Uganda to Chongoleani, Tanga in Tanzania. 

Because it is going through land owned by people, they will be compensated so they can move to other places. However, before they are compensated, they shall be trained in financial literacy. This is so they can know how best to handle the compensation money and any other money without wasting it. This is where we come in, to use drama the best we can to make sure they are not bored while they learn money handling.

The play named “The investor” by Scovia Nnansamba was performed for more than 171 villages along the pipeline in 3 languages; Luganda, Runyoro, and Runyankore before they opened bank accounts. 


Loud Silence, written by George Ngobi and performed by Dynamo for the White Fathers to mark the marking of the anti-child trafficking campaign in 2012 was a huge success. the play was performed for more than 1000 people at Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya and later the same year for students of Mary Hill High school Mbarara as well as Mbarara University of Science and Technology. 

All this was made possible by the Director Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya Father Hilaire Guinko and Father Arnould de Shatezen the then Chaplain at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

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