About Dynamo Creative Arts

Dynamo has been part of and created entertainment for people of ages 6 years and above respectively for more than 10 years. The company‚Äôs entertainment, created for the theatre stage, film, TV and radio, reaches and speaks for and to these people respectively.  We strive to create entertainment that is cheap enough for young people to pay for themselves, but with the value an adult would pay more for. From folk tales, original stories, adaptations, literature and educational content, Dynamo are the best partner for anyone who has a message for people. 

The beginning of Dynamo


It was in June at Makerere University right after the second semester as a Drama student that Arthur realized he may not be able to practice what he learned. This he realized as many of the graduates ended up doing totally different things. This is when Dynamo was born. He convinced about 5 classmates but later grew the team to more than 15 young people, all graduates of Drama, Dance and or Music from different Universities in Uganda.

Juser Wendo, A Character from Betrayal in the City played by Arthur Kisenyi before an audience


Since inception, Dynamo has performed at Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities. The Dynamo productions have been watched by more than 50,000 young people in the different levels of school.

The Company successfully performed at schools like Buddo Junior School, Taibaah International School, Conerstone Junior Schools, Lwangula Memorial, Trinity College Nabbingo, Gayaza High School, St. Mary’s College Kisubi among other Schools. 
At the performances shown at Sharing Hall Nsambya, Dynamo Annually performs for over 50 schools from Central, Eastern and Western Uganda. 

The Imaginary Invalid on Stage at the National Theatre. Actors Justus Barongo, Baguma Mathew, Edwin Sekatawa and Nnansamba Scovia


On August 23rd, Dynamo performed the very first time for the general public, a show that was attended by 100 people at the National Theatre. The Play Performed was Nikolai Gogol’s Marriage. The Audience many of whom had last visited the Theatre a long time ago were very thrilled and would go on to attend the subsequent shows at the National Theatre in Kampala.

The Company went on to perform in October and December 2019 the plays Imaginary Invalid by Moliere and a stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol novel respectively.

The Dynamo creative Arts LTD team on the EACOP Project perform a scene from Scovia Nnasamba's 'the Investor' play in Sembabule


Dynamo works very well with and for organizations to communicate concepts, mobilize and sensitize selected audiences. We have done the same for our past employers like the East African Crude Oil Pipeline(EACOP), Makerere University Lung Institute, Sharing Youth Center and Centenary Bank among others.

We use a combination of drama, music and dance and from creation, production to performance make sure both our clients and audiences are satisfied.

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