The Power of Teams, especially for Arts Organizations

A product development meeting at Dynamo

I know what you are going to say, teams are expensive because then you pay more than one person. Yes, in the short run it seems expensive and it you are not an effective manager, in the long run too. Actually, a poor manager will loose everything to teams if not care full.

So the Question then becomes, how does one put a team or teams together and not loose their mind or everything. For starters, a good team is a group of people that works together, harmoniously towards a set goal and they put the goal before anything else, like personal issues, ego, Ambition, among other things. if a team can work together and achieve a goal or a number of goals on time, effectively, then that can be called a good team.

To put a good team together, one has to know where skilled people can be found or they should know how to look for them. I know that this is why Human Resource managers exist, to help companies put together efficient and effective teams.

Good teams will give you a number of benefits like faster problem solving, increased productivity, Higher morale, improved communication but, most important of all, more innovation. Remember that for any business to survive, they must be innovative.

At Dynamo, we have seen the power of good teams in all areas of out work; from Product Development, Marketing, Production Management, performance and Evaluations. We have a team for everything, and where needed, we can have more than one team handling the same task but using different approaches. Our teams have regular meetings when handling a task.

At Dynamo, the Artistic team is lead by your truly with more than 10 years of experience, performing, directing and producing performance works ranging from music, dance and mostly drama.

Our Production manager Lauben Kato does a very good job with making sure all the aspects of performances, and productions are on point. He also leads the production teams.

Mable Ambasize has been very key to the creation, and performance of some very good musical pieces like the songs in our Production Oedipus the King, music in our production of ‘Professor Dynamite’ among others.

Scovia Nnansamba has mastered the art of Customer service and has made sure the our customers always leave with a better experience than last time.

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