The Power of Customer Service can’t be ignored

A team from Dynamo perform Scovia Nnansamba's "The Investor" in front of a village in Mubende for the EACOP project

We have always been told that the customer is the Boss, and every business owner, employee, and customer knows it. This is even hung like a painting in the lobbies of many businesses but is never respected. Whereas we keep talking of how a customer is King, we treat them like Paupers, but not at Dynamo.

At Dynamo, we serve majorly Business clients, which means schools, Non-Government Organizations, Companies, and Government organizations. Sometimes, we are hired by individuals to develop a concept for them using Music, dance, or Drama. We are the best and most efficient when it comes to these arts. We however know that even with the greatest skill and most qualified teams, treating customers in the best way possible is what will keep a company working. We all know the saying that people may forget what you said to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

So this is what we do

We, trive to make people as comfortable, respected, and treasured as possible. This is exactly how every person and customer should be treated. No customer should be treated like they are being helped, they actually help us by deciding to buy from us among all providers of the same service we do.

As such, we always have quality control people, especially in the area of customer service and welfare. The role of each individual at Dynamo is to make sure that the most unsatisfied customer is responsible for their dissatisfaction and that they can see it clearly.

As such we continuously train our employees in their areas of specialization to make sure that no mistakes are made in any area of our work and that there is no recklessness in handling customer complaints.

Why do we do this? Customers are hard to acquire but even harder to keep if you keep making mistakes yet they are very valuable and will multiply with good service.

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