3 reasons why your high school child needs literature

literature students from St. Jospeh's SS Naggalama watch a play at on the Dynamo shows


The skill of critical analysis is developed through commenting, interpreting, and suggesting various opinions and views of someone’s work. This is something that literature students in secondary schools do start in senior one. This automatically them to write and use a rich vocabulary to express their views.

Literature students are further required to analyze written structures, ideas, themes, and characters, among other things. This aids students in building persuasive techniques of writing to convince readers of their analytical viewpoint.

A scene from the Dynamo production of Okiya's Voice of the People
A scene from the Dynamo production of Okiya’s Voice of the People


Literature students are given exercises and assignments in class almost daily that require, reading, analysis, and understanding of selected texts and situations. By ‘reading through the lines’ to decipher the meaning, intent, and messages of subjects and authors, students extend their thinking to new ideas and possibilities. Students also learn more about history, society, and cultures through the reading of different eras. This historical insight and a glimpse of the past might stimulate their curiosity to research more or delve into further reading within genres, author’s writings, and, or era.

Students also gain more knowledge as they read more books and this gives them a foundation of knowledge to participate in smart conversations with their peers.


Literature not only expands one’s vocabulary; it also helps one to write articulately and coherently. This means they will be able to write in clear sentences that flow well and are easily understood using correct paragraph structures and grammar. Students can write in sophisticated sentences and adjust their writing for different readers such as those in the workplace and those outside of the workplace.

During literature class, students learn how to be concise in their message and present ideas and arguments in a meaningful way. These skills help to strengthen their communication skills, both written and verbal for all future job prospects.

As a company that has actors who studied and love literature and have performed for other literature students, we would recommend that every parent encourages their students to have literature in English as one of the subjects their child does. It will make them more ready for life after school.

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