the kids in dance Choreographed by Joana Mbabazi in the Dynamo theatre Production of a Christmas Carol

The importance of stage theatre and live performing arts on progress in developing countries like Uganda

Stage theater and live performing arts play a crucial role in the progress and development of developing countries. Here’s why:

  1. Cultural Preservation: The stage theater and live performing arts provide a platform for preserving and showcasing the traditional cultural heritage of a community. This helps to ensure that the cultural identity and history of a country are not lost, even as it develops and evolves.
  2. Education: Live performing arts and stage theater offer a powerful tool for educating people about important social and political issues. Performances can address complex topics in a way that is engaging, accessible, and memorable, promoting public discourse and raising awareness of critical issues.
  3. Economic Development: Stage theater and live performing arts can significantly drive economic growth, particularly in developing countries. For example, a thriving theater or performing arts industry can create jobs for actors, musicians, technicians, and support staff. Additionally, it can attract tourists and bring in revenue from ticket sales and merchandise sales.
  4. Improved Mental Health: Stage theater and live performing arts have been shown to have a positive impact on mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving overall well-being. This is particularly important in developing countries where access to mental health resources may be limited.
  5. Empowerment: Live performing arts and stage theater can provide a powerful tool for empowering marginalized and underrepresented communities, giving voice to their experiences and perspectives, and promoting social and political change.

Overall, stage theater and live performing arts play a vital role in the progress and development of developing countries, serving as a platform for cultural preservation, education, economic development, improved mental health, and empowerment. These art forms offer a unique and powerful way to bring people together, build community, and drive progress and change.

Okonkwo and his three wives; a scene from Arthur Kisenyi's stage adaptation of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

Why Theatre is important to young people

Young people get exposed to this as early as kindergarten as music dance, and drama makes learning easy and smooth for the younglings. They start by singing the alphabet and numbers until they know what each of them means. Around Primary 4, they start using the same to compete and try to win at being the best in either music, dance, or drama. This is done with teams as Theatre is an ensemble activity.

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Dynamo team on a production set

Product Development the Dynamo way- Teams

Our team included actors, a production supervisor, three directors, a production manager, a gaffer, three camera operators, a make-up artist, a costumer, carpenter, art director, a continuity person, production assistants, and of course the almighty God who kept us all safe and sound.

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