Drama; the best tool for mass communication

The Dynamo creative Arts LTD team on the EACOP Project perform a scene from Scovia Nnasamba's 'the Investor' play in Sembabule

Drama for us at Dynamo means what we do; plays, theatre and productions. For other people and some audiences we have performed for, Drama means an exciting, emotional, or unexpected event or circumstance. To be honest, what happens in most of our plays is usually exciting, emotional and unexpected for majority of those who watch them.

Does this make Drama the best tool for mass communication? Yes.

How? Let me explain.

When an organization or person decides to craft a message that will be communicated to a group of people, they want it to be received with undivided attention. Undivided attention means that people should be able to get the communication even when they are not paying attention, that no one should at any moment doze because they are bored by a speaker or combination of them. The goal is to have the message engraved in the mind of the audience, to keep them remembering and echoing the same to other people that might have missed even the slightest bit of the message.

What better way is there to achieve this than to have them watch a creatively written and produced play which employs drama, music and dance? We all have the same answer, there is no other way. Plays like the ones we create at Dynamo keep the audience on their toes, anticipating the next action or line and as they do so, we creatively give them important messages that they need.

students at Mpoma Girls School watch the Dynamo performance of 'INCONTROL Reloaded' at the school main hall
Students at Mpoma Girls School eagerly watch the Dynamo performance of ‘INCONTROL Reloaded’ at the school main hall

As people laugh because of the funny scenes, cry because of the sad scenes and dance because of the music embedded, they are getting important messages through the lines and actions by the actors. This not only teaches them, but it also makes them aware of things they might have not known before.

A team from Dynamo perform Scovia Nnansamba's "The Investor" in front of a village in Mubende for the EACOP project
A team of actors from Dynamo perform Scovia Nnansamba’s “The Investor” in front of a village in Mubende for the EACOP project

We all know that drama is as old as life itself, from the time of enacting stories around the fireplace to currently when cameras have made storage of scenes possible. We can not however ignore the fact that live performances have a different way of getting audiences to react and learn. At the end of the day, you will realize that employing the services of a company like Dynamo to creatively give your message to your target audience is the best way to communicate.

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